One of Nigeria’s Major Players in the finance services sector

 Providing tailored financial solutions to meet your distinctive requirements

Who we are?

Canary Point Corporate Services Ltd. is a financial services group of companies. CPCS Group is a holding company for various other companies that offer a range of investment and financial services to the public with the aim of offering effective money management. CPCS Group encompasses a broad range of businesses whose services span various areas of specialty within the financial sector.   These businesses include Sebastian BDC Ltd., Assets Microfinance Bank Ltd., Swift and Allied Partners Ltd., Nairagram LLC  and Instant Cash all of which provide services in the Financial Sector. In CPCS Group, we pride ourselves in our ability to provide quality, excellent and exceptional service. As such we are deliberate in ensuring that our people resources are constantly abreast of innovation and market changes.

Our Core Values

Our core values are based on these exceptional qualities: transparency, efficiency, innovation, resilience, technical depth, and integrity.

Our Vision

To be a one stop center that takes care of all your financial needs.


Our Mission

To provide superior solutions and customer service to our clients using the most efficient means and technology.